Type : Complex Element

Returns information about hotel availability that meet the requested criteria.
(Defined in file OTA_HotelAvailGetRS.xsd , or a file it imports)

AvailStatusMessagesContainer for the individual AvailStatusMessage(s). An OTA_HotelAvailGetRS contains the availability statuses for a single hotel. Hotel identification information are the attributes of this element.
ErrorsErrors are returned if the request was unable to be processed.A collection of errors that occurred during the processing of a message.
SuccessThe presence of the empty Success element explicitly indicates that the request message was successful.Returning an empty element of this type indicates the successful processing of an OpenTravel message. This is used in conjunction with the Warning Type to report any warnings or business errors.
TPA_ExtensionsA placeholder in the schema to allow for additional elements and attributes to be included per Trading Partner Agreement (TPA).Allows extensions to be added to the OpenTravel specification per trading partner agreement.
WarningsUsed in conjunction with the Success element to define one or more business errors.Collection of warnings.

MessageContentCodeDefines specific content of the message being sent. Refer to OpenTravel Code List MCC - Message Content Code.
Attribute Group : OTA_PayloadStdAttributes
AltLangIDThe alternate language for a customer or message encoded as ISO 639-3.
CorrelationIDAllows end-to-end correlation of log messages with the corresponding Web service message throughout the processing of the Web service message.
EchoTokenA reference for additional message identification, assigned by the requesting host system.
PrimaryLangIDThe primary language preference for the message encoded as ISO 639-3.
RetransmissionIndicatorWhen true, indicates the message is being re-sent after a failure.
SequenceNmbrThe sequence number of the transaction assigned by the sending system for ordered message processing or message resynchronization.
TargetTest or Production target system indicator.
TargetNameThe name of the Test or Production system.
TimeStampISO 8601 encoded timestamp indicating the creation date and time of the message.
TransactionIdentifierUnique identifier to relate all messages within a transaction (e.g. this would be sent in all request and response messages that are part of an on-going transaction).
TransactionStatusCodeThis indicates where this message falls within a sequence of messages.
VersionThe OpenTravel message version indicated by a decimal value.