Type : Complex Element

Requests availability of hotel properties by specific criteria that may include: dates, date ranges, price range, room types, regular and qualifying rates, and/or services and amenities. The availability message can be used to get an initial availability or to get availability for the purpose of modifying an existing reservation.
(Defined in file OTA_HotelAvailRQ.xsd , or a file it imports)

AvailRequestSegmentsA collection of AvailRequestSegment. Each segment includes a collection of criteria that requests a bookable entity, which may include designated rate plans, room types, amenities or services, and the request can be used for guest rooms or other inventory items for which availability is sought. Each segment would be presumed to have a unique date range for each request.
HotelReservationIDsCollection of Hotel Reservation IDs associated with a given reservation, used when asking for availability for the purpose of modifying an existing reservation.A Collection of HotelReservationID objects for a given reservation. The collection of all ReservationIDs can include Passenger Name Record (PNR), Guest Name Record (GNR) and Guest Folio numbers. Associated with each can be a Confirmation number which is usually given to the guest.
MultimodalOfferMultimodal offer influencers.Traveler and trip information used for targeted multi-modal offers.
POSPoint of sale object. Point of Sale (POS) identifies the party or connection channel making the request.

AllowPartialAvailA boolean flag that indicates the response message should include availability and rates that do not span the complete stay.
AvailRatesOnlyA boolean flag that indicates the response should include ONLY those rates that are available in the date range specified, or whether rates that are NOT available should be shown. True returns only available rates; False returns all rates.
BestOnlyA boolean flag that indicates the response message should send back only the best rate available at the hotel property, as there could be multiple room types and rates that meet the requested criteria (e.g.: rate range). Allowing that the term "best rate" is subjective, the intent means the lowest rate that meets the category of the input criteria, and may have the effect of limiting the return to one rate quote as opposed to multiples.
DuplicateIndWhen true, indicates duplicate properties should be returned.
ExactMatchOnlyA boolean flag that indicates the response message should send back only those rates that are an exact match to the requested criteria.
HotelStayOnlyA boolean flag that indicates the response message should return only HotelStay information. If true, no RoomStay information will be returned.
IsModifyWhen true, indicates that this is an availibility request for a modification to an existing reservation.
OnRequestIndWhen true, the response should include rooms with an availability status of 'on request'. When false, the response should not include rooms with an availability status of 'on request'.
PricingMethodIndicates the type of pricing to return at the HotelStay level in the availability results, such as None and Average.
RateDetailsIndIf true, the response message should contain room rate details.
RateRangeOnlyA boolean flag that indicates the response message should send back only those rates that are available within the range of the minimum and maximum amount specified.
RequestedCurrencyThe code specifying the currency in which the response should be sent. Use ISO 4217, three alpha code.
RequestedCurrencyIndicatorWhen true, indicates that response should only incude rates that match requested currency.
SortOrderDefines the sort order of the returned property information.
SummaryOnlyA boolean flag that indicates the return of summary information in the response.
Attribute Group : MapRequestedGroup
MapHeightMap height in pixels.
MapRequiredIf "true", then a link to a map will be returned in the response which indicates the position of the matching hotel(s).
MapWidthMap width in pixels.
Attribute Group : MaxResponsesGroup
MaxResponsesA positive integer value that indicates the maximum number of responses desired in the return.
Attribute Group : OTA_PayloadStdAttributes
AltLangIDThe alternate language for a customer or message encoded as ISO 639-3.
CorrelationIDAllows end-to-end correlation of log messages with the corresponding Web service message throughout the processing of the Web service message.
EchoTokenA reference for additional message identification, assigned by the requesting host system.
PrimaryLangIDThe primary language preference for the message encoded as ISO 639-3.
RetransmissionIndicatorWhen true, indicates the message is being re-sent after a failure.
SequenceNmbrThe sequence number of the transaction assigned by the sending system for ordered message processing or message resynchronization.
TargetTest or Production target system indicator.
TargetNameThe name of the Test or Production system.
TimeStampISO 8601 encoded timestamp indicating the creation date and time of the message.
TransactionIdentifierUnique identifier to relate all messages within a transaction (e.g. this would be sent in all request and response messages that are part of an on-going transaction).
TransactionStatusCodeThis indicates where this message falls within a sequence of messages.
VersionThe OpenTravel message version indicated by a decimal value.