ERR : Error Codes

Error Codes Code Table

ValueDescriptionCreation Date
1No service at requested time2003-06-01
2No service on requested provider2003-06-01
3No service on requested date2003-06-01
4Cannot access - service departed2003-06-01
5Service is temporarily off sale2003-06-01
6Service closed for sales2003-06-01
7Route code invalid2003-06-01
8No reservations on route requested2003-06-01
9Requested service is fully booked2003-06-01
10One class service2003-06-01
11Service connections not possible2003-06-01
12One class service2003-06-01
13Itinerary not in date/time order2003-06-01
14No suitable services found2003-06-01
15Invalid date2003-06-01
16Service has been cancelled2003-06-01
17Time request not with fare/tariff2003-06-01
18Itinerary not possible2003-06-01
19Name is missing or incomplete2003-06-01
20Number of passengers invalid2003-06-01
21Passenger type quota exceeded2003-06-01
22Passengers exceed commercial rules2003-06-01
23Passenger type not supported2003-06-01
24Passenger class capacity exceeded2003-06-01
25Passenger types not consistent2003-06-01
26At least one adult must be included2003-06-01
27Passenger details are mandatory2003-06-01
28No more accommodation available2003-06-01
29No more accommodation in class2003-06-01
30Accommodation type quota exceeded2003-06-01
31Dogs not allowed in accommodation2003-06-01
32Under occupancy not allowed2003-06-01
33Accommodation reservation mandatory2003-06-01
34Requested accommodation is occupied2003-06-01
35Cabin number(s) cannot be found2003-06-01
36Address formatting error2003-06-01
37Place number(s) cannot be found2003-06-01
38Gender configuration not available2003-06-01
39Accommodation type invalid2003-06-01
40No under occupancy exclusivity2003-06-01
41Occupancy must include an adult2003-06-01
42Too many classes2003-06-01
43Too many accommodation types2003-06-01
44No under/over occupancy allowed2003-06-01
45Sole occupancy only allowed2003-06-01
46Package excludes this accommodation2003-06-01
47Passenger/accommodation discrepancy2003-06-01
48Tariff type invalid2003-06-01
49Tariff invalid for passenger mix2003-06-01
50Tariff rules not yet released2003-06-01
51Prices not yet released2003-06-01
52Special offer rules not fulfilled2003-06-01
53No price exists for the tariff2003-06-01
54Concession price not available2003-06-01
55Concession date/time restriction2003-06-01
56Concession code invalid2003-06-01
57Concession rule needs one adult2003-06-01
58Price(s) cannot be validated2003-06-01
59Offer price cannot be calculated2003-06-01
60Ticket numbers missing or invalid2003-06-01
61Invalid currency code2003-06-01
62Cannot requote after ticketing2003-06-01
63Cannot ticket until booking priced2003-06-01
64Tickets do not match reservation2003-06-01
65Cannot ticket - already issued2003-06-01
66No open return on route requested2003-06-01
67No open return with accommodation2003-06-01
68No accommodation without a route2003-06-01
69Minimum stay criteria not fulfilled2003-06-01
70Maximum stay criteria not fulfilled2003-06-01
71Cannot ticket at this agency2003-06-01
72Cannot ticket - cancelled booking2003-06-01
73Cannot ticket - expired booking2003-06-01
74Cannot ticket - itinerary commenced2003-06-01
75Cannot ticket - not yet released2003-06-01
76Ticket issue request not possible2003-06-01
77Tickets on departure only possible2003-06-01
78Scheme qualifications not fulfilled2003-06-01
79Scheme membership not recognised2003-06-01
80Insufficient scheme credit units2003-06-01
81Insufficient scheme units requested2003-06-01
82Booking not eligible for scheme2003-06-01
83Leg/journey/itinerary reference invalid2003-06-01
84Itinerary elements not reserved2003-06-01
85Itinerary element does not exist2003-06-01
86Cannot cancel - itinerary complete2003-06-01
87Booking reference invalid2003-06-01
88Cannot cancel - service has started2003-06-01
89Cannot recall - status mismatch2003-06-01
90Cannot amend - itinerary complete2003-06-01
91Cannot recall - itinerary mismatch2003-06-01
92Booking temporarily unavailable2003-06-01
93Only firm bookings allowed2003-06-01
94Identical booking references2003-06-01
95Booking already cancelled2003-06-01
96Duplicated itinerary2003-06-01
97Booking reference not found2003-06-01
98Accommodation not found in booking2003-06-01
99Booking not owned by requester2003-06-01
100Cannot recall last booking made2003-06-01
101Cannot book - departure too close2003-06-01
102Booking reference not connected2003-06-01
103Cannot access - itinerary complete2003-06-01
104Accommodation - no availability2003-06-01
105Cannot access - provider ticketed2003-06-01
106Too many rooms/units2003-06-01
107Cannot book - too far in advance2003-06-01
108Accommodation code not recognised2003-06-01
109Cannot book - arrival too close2003-06-01
110Accommodation closed at this time2003-06-01
111Booking invalid2003-06-01
112Too many nights2003-06-01
113Mandatory booking details missing2003-06-01
114Grade of accommodation invalid2003-06-01
115Board basis/meal plan invalid2003-06-01
116Category of room/unit invalid2003-06-01
117Cannot access booking details2003-06-01
118Booking status invalid2003-06-01
119Too many people in room/unit2003-06-01
120Accommodation cannot be changed2003-06-01
121Accommodation not contracted2003-06-01
122End date has passed2003-06-01
123Too many children2003-06-01
124Too many babies2003-06-01
125Room/unit type not offered2003-06-01
126Too many babies in room/unit2003-06-01
127Reservation already exists2003-06-01
128Package or item identity invalid2003-06-01
129Package closed for sales2003-06-01
130Package departure date too close2003-06-01
131Room/unit type invalid2003-06-01
132Room/unit type - no availability2003-06-01
133Room/unit type not contracted2003-06-01
134Mode of transport not allowed2003-06-01
135End date is invalid2003-06-01
136Start date is invalid2003-06-01
137Adult numbers/occupancy mismatch2003-06-01
138Child numbers/occupancy mismatch2003-06-01
139Commission rate invalid2003-06-01
140Too many allocated rooms/units2003-06-01
141Room/unit code incorrect2003-06-01
142Occupancy rules not fulfilled2003-06-01
143Price incorrect for room/unit2003-06-01
144Voucher value cannot be negative2003-06-01
145Duration period or dates incorrect2003-06-01
146Service requested incorrect2003-06-01
147Taxes incorrect2003-06-01
148Arrival or from date required2003-06-01
149Voucher value too high2003-06-01
150Changes are not permitted2003-06-01
151Must recall booking first2003-06-01
152Number of rooms/units required2003-06-01
153Room/unit type details required2003-06-01
154Room/unit price required2003-06-01
155Accommodation details not complete2003-06-01
156Commission not applicable2003-06-01
157Zero commission not acceptable2003-06-01
158Departure or to date required2003-06-01
159Voucher must have a value2003-06-01
160Minimum one room/unit or service2003-06-01
161Search criteria invalid2003-06-01
162Voucher - cancel deposit first2003-06-01
163Payment type invalid2003-06-01
164Voucher - deposit cancelled2003-06-01
165Voucher - deposit already deducted2003-06-01
166Voucher - no booking deposit found2003-06-01
167Payment rejected2003-06-01
168Agent not recognised2003-06-01
169Agent code invalid2003-06-01
170Premises not recognised2003-06-01
171Booking not made by this agent2003-06-01
172Requested action not possible2003-06-01
173Agency code required2003-06-01
174Bookings made by different agents2003-06-01
175Password invalid2003-06-01
176Password not allowed2003-06-01
177Premises suspended - access denied2003-06-01
178Booking not made by this premises2003-06-01
179Agency training mode access only2003-06-01
180Terminal identification invalid2003-06-01
181Invalid country code2003-06-01
182Password required2003-06-01
183Agency suspended - access denied2003-06-01
184Language code invalid2003-06-01
185Quotes not possible for this agent2003-06-01
186Booking closed - contact provider2003-06-01
187System currently unavailable2003-06-01
188Transaction error - please report2003-06-01
189Payment not authorised2003-06-01
190Wrong network - access denied2003-06-01
191System busy - please try later2003-06-01
192Cannot access - amended by provider2003-06-01
193Cancellation process failed2003-06-01
194No matching bookings found2003-06-01
195Service restriction - security2003-06-01
196Service restriction - access hours2003-06-01
197Undetermined error - please report2003-06-01
198Alternative service booked2003-06-01
199More services available2003-06-01
200One class service2003-06-01
201Accommodation not as requested2003-06-01
202No alternative accommodation2003-06-01
203Associated booking(s) not recalled2003-06-01
204Insufficient extra berths/beds2003-06-01
205Number of berths/beds invalid2003-06-01
206Only one extra berth/bed possible2003-06-01
207ARC/IATA number do not match reservation2003-06-01
208ARC/IATA number required to cancel reservation2003-06-01
209Arrival flight time not close to pickup time2003-06-01
210Cancel needs special handling2003-06-01
211Cannot make a reservation this long a duration2003-06-01
212Cannot make a reservation this short a duration2003-06-01
213Credit card in profile not accepted at pickup location2003-06-01
214Dropoff date time not within operating hours2003-06-01
215Dropoff location needs special handling2003-06-01
216Entered airline flight does not arrive at pickup location2003-06-01
217Entered credit card not accepted at pickup location2003-06-01
218Frequent renter number required for this rate2003-06-01
219Need advance notice for this pickup time2003-06-01
220No rental facility details available2003-06-01
221No vehicle available that match selection (No cars available for this request.)2003-06-01
222One way cross border violation2003-06-01
223One way rental less than minimum required2003-06-01
224One way rentals not allowed from this location2003-06-01
225One way rentals not allowed to this location2003-06-01
226Pickup date has passed2003-06-01
227Pickup date time not within operating hours2003-06-01
228Pickup location needs special handling2003-06-01
229Pickup location not recognized2003-06-01
230Pickup time must be before return time2003-06-01
231Requested special equipment not available at pickup location2003-06-01
232Return date is before pickup date2003-06-01
233Return location not recognized2003-06-01
234Selected vehicle class not available2003-06-01
235Selected vehicle type not available2003-06-01
236Too many special equipment requested2003-06-01
237Invalid customer number2003-06-01
238Customer number requires special handling2003-06-01
239Flight number must be accompanied by an airline.2003-06-01
240Credit card has expired2003-06-01
241Expiration date is invalid2003-06-01
242Credit card number is invalid or missing2003-06-01
243Invalid ARC/IATA number2003-06-01
244Email address is invalid2003-06-01
245Invalid confirmation number2003-06-01
246Invalid country code provided for driver's license2003-06-01
247Invalid state or province code provides for driver's license2003-06-01
248Invalid airline code2003-06-01
249Invalid rate code2003-06-01
250Invalid special equipment codes2003-06-01
251Last name and customer number do not match2003-06-01
252Last name entered does not match confirmation number2003-06-01
253Invalid pick up time2003-06-01
254Reservation date has passed2003-06-01
255Reservation in use2003-06-01
256Invalid car type2003-06-01
257Reservation was credit card secured2003-06-01
258Cancellation of reservation requires special handling2003-06-01
259Reservation requires special handling2003-06-01
260Vehicle in profile is not currently available2003-06-01
261Discount number is invalid2003-06-01
262No customer profile found for credit card number2003-06-01
263No rate could be found for the given information2003-06-01
264Reservation cannot be cancelled2003-06-01
265Contract requires guarantee2003-06-01
266Id number must match guarantee number2003-06-01
267Multiple contracts found for ID2003-06-01
268Corporate discount field required with voucher field2003-06-01
269Invalid voucher number2003-06-01
270Corporate discount requires voucher2003-06-01
271Corporate discount requires rate code2003-06-01
272Credit card deposit not allowed2003-06-01
273Reservation not current2003-06-01
274Must include CD number for government rate2003-06-01
275Must include CD number for corporate rate2003-06-01
276Expired club membership2003-06-01
277Cancelled club membership2003-06-01
278Requested rate not available for all vehicle types2003-06-01
279Requested car category not available2003-06-01
280Requested car category or rate code not available2003-06-01
281Reservation requires credit card data2003-06-01
282Client name does not match profile name2003-06-01
283Invalid name, corp id or profile received2003-06-01
284No reservations found for search criteria2003-06-01
285Invalid first name2003-06-01
286First name contains invalid characters2003-06-01
287Invalid last name2003-06-01
288Last name contains invalid characters2003-06-01
289Invalid personal number2003-06-01
290Invalid state/province/territory code2003-06-01
291Invalid zip/postal code2003-06-01
292Country in address is invalid2003-06-01
293Invalid departure time2003-06-01
294Invalid arrival time2003-06-01
295Invalid arrival city2003-06-01
296Inquiry requires reservation number or car type2003-06-01
297Unable to process - insufficient data2003-06-01
298City in address is required2003-06-01
299Credit card authorization timed out2003-06-01
300Improper corporate Id number specified2003-06-01
301No cars available2003-06-01
302Car not available for city dates plan2003-06-01
303Unable to complete process - please call reservations2003-06-01
304Invalid expiration format MMYY2003-06-01
305Invalid booking source2003-06-01
306Invalid association id or promo code2003-06-01
307Cannot guarantee special equipment or car type2003-06-01
308Special equipment not available2003-06-01
309Requested rate may have changed - note rate2003-06-01
310Required data missing: last name2003-06-01
311Required data missing: first name2003-06-01
312Required data missing: airline flight number2003-06-01
313Required data missing: credit card type2003-06-01
314Required data missing: country of residence2003-06-01
315Required data missing: confirmation number2003-06-01
316Required data missing: phone number2003-06-01
317Invalid phone number2003-06-01
318Required data missing: arrival time2003-06-01
319Required data missing: address2003-06-01
320Invalid value2003-06-01
321Required field missing2003-06-01
322No availability2003-06-01
323All not valid2003-06-01
342Cancel fee may apply2003-06-01
343Can't sell, file maintenance is active2003-06-01
344Can't sell, record maintenance is active2003-06-01
345Can't sell, inventory reconcile is active2003-06-01
346Closed to arrivals2003-06-01
347Company address required2003-06-01
348Company or travel agent address required2003-06-01
349Contact housing office2003-06-01
350Credit card deposits only2003-06-01
351Credit card guarantee not accepted at hotel2003-06-01
352Invalid credit card type2003-06-01
353Departure date is past dated2003-06-01
354Deposit forfeiture and/or refund may apply2003-06-01
355Deposit/guarantee due immediately2003-06-01
356Invalid action/status code2003-06-01
357Invalid city2003-06-01
358Error convention/group code2003-06-01
359Error convention/group name2003-06-01
360Error entry code2003-06-01
361Invalid hotel2003-06-01
362Invalid number of nights2003-06-01
363Invalid number of rooms2003-06-01
364Error rate range2003-06-01
365Error credit card2003-06-01
366Error during processing, please retry2003-06-01
367Invalid format2003-06-01
368Error no active accommodation2003-06-01
369Frequency (SMTWTFS) specified does not match date2003-06-01
370Frequent guest points cannot be redeemed at this time2003-06-01
371Full payment or deposit required2003-06-01
372Guarantee code not accepted at this hotel2003-06-01
373Guarantee required immediately2003-06-01
374Guaranteed room type is not offered by this brand2003-06-01
375Hotel not active2003-06-01
376Hotel full check alternated2003-06-01
377Invalid - max number of nights exceeded2003-06-01
378Invalid - max number of rooms exceeded2003-06-01
379Invalid - only one name allowed2003-06-01
380Invalid arrival date for group2003-06-01
381Invalid check-in date2003-06-01
382Invalid check-out date2003-06-01
383Invalid city code2003-06-01
384Invalid client file for product type2003-06-01
385Invalid confirmation or cancellation number2003-06-01
386Invalid fax number2003-06-01
387Invalid guarantee option2003-06-01
388Invalid guaranteed room type2003-06-01
389Invalid guarantee type2003-06-01
390Invalid hold type2003-06-01
391Invalid hold until time2003-06-01
392Invalid hotel code2003-06-01
393Invalid hotel location type2003-06-01
394Invalid item2003-06-01
395Invalid message text2003-06-01
396Invalid name2003-06-01
397Invalid number of adults2003-06-01
398Invalid number specified2003-06-01
399Invalid product type code2003-06-01
400Invalid property code2003-06-01
401Invalid rate requested field2003-06-01
402Invalid room type2003-06-01
403Invalid segment type2003-06-01
404Invalid start/end date combination2003-06-01
405Invalid vendor2003-06-01
406Invalid for convention/group2003-06-01
407Item too long2003-06-01
408Last page of data already displayed2003-06-01
409Maximum length of stay restriction2003-06-01
410Minimum length of stay error2003-06-01
411Minimum length of stay restriction2003-06-01
412Modification completed2003-06-01
414More days were specified than exist in inventory2003-06-01
415Multiple hotels in same GNR not allowed2003-06-01
416Multi-room/name combination invalid2003-06-01
417Name change not allowed2003-06-01
418Name/address missing2003-06-01
419Need names2003-06-01
420Need e-mail address2003-06-01
421No rooms available for waitlist2003-06-01
422No active accommodation found2003-06-01
423No alternates defined for requested location2003-06-01
424No hotels found which match this input2003-06-01
425No match found2003-06-01
426No rates offered for this sell request2003-06-01
427No rooms available for requested dates2003-06-01
428No tax information available2003-06-01
429Number nights deposit exceeds stay2003-06-01
431Out date past end date2003-06-01
432Payment or deposit required, no non-guaranteed holds2003-06-01
433Please book on a separate reservation2003-06-01
434Product requested not in city requested2003-06-01
435Property name required2003-06-01
436Rate does not exist2003-06-01
437Rate unavailable2003-06-01
438Requested rate not available2003-06-01
440Request completed2003-06-01
441Requested rate not available for entire stay2003-06-01
442Requested rate not available for waitlist2003-06-01
443Requested rate not offered at this location2003-06-01
444Restrictions - limit 1 room2003-06-01
445Seasonal rate change error2003-06-01
446Service request not allowed2003-06-01
447Unable to update - simultaneous updates2003-06-01
448System error2003-06-01
449Unable to add IATA nbr to existing reservation2003-06-01
450Unable to process2003-06-01
451Unable to retrieve client file2003-06-01
452Use advance purchase arrival guarantee2003-06-01
453Voucher number required2003-06-01
454Wholesaler client file required2003-06-01
455Wholesaler rate requires wholesaler client file2003-06-01
456Work block is corrupted - cannot proceed2003-06-01
457Need arrival information2003-06-01
458Date outside inventory period2003-06-01
459Invalid request code2003-06-01
460Child seat not available this city/location2004-05-14
461Child seat not available on this car type2004-05-14
462Child seat not available for one way2004-05-14
463Child seat not available for this car type for this date2004-05-14
464Child seat on request only2004-05-14
465Advance booking for child seat not met2004-05-14
466Left hand controls not available this city/location2004-05-14
467Left hand controls not available on this car type2004-05-14
468Left hand controls not available for one way2004-05-14
469Left hand controls not available for this car type for this date2004-05-14
470Left hand controls on request only2004-05-14
471Advance booking for left hand controls not met2004-05-14
472Right hand controls not available this city/location2004-05-14
473Right hand controls not available on this car type2004-05-14
474Right hand controls not available for one way2004-05-14
475Right hand controls not available for this car type for this date2004-05-14
476Right hand controls on request only2004-05-14
477Advance booking for right hand controls not met2004-05-14
478Ski equipment not available this city/location2004-05-14
479Ski equipment not available on this car type2004-05-14
480Ski equipment not available for one way2004-05-14
481Ski equipment not available for this car type for this date2004-05-14
482Ski equipment on request only2004-05-14
483Advance booking for ski equipment not met2004-05-14
484Snowboards not available this city/location2004-05-14
485Snowboards not available on this car type2004-05-14
486Snowboards not available for one way2004-05-14
487Snowboards not available for this car type for this date2004-05-14
488Snowboards on request only2004-05-14
489Advance booking for snowboards not met2004-05-14
490Seat belt extenders not available this city/location2004-05-14
491Seat belt extenders not available on this car type2004-05-14
492Seat belt extenders not available for one way2004-05-14
493Seat belt extenders not available for this car type this date2004-05-14
494Seat belt extenders on request only2004-05-14
495Advance booking for seat belt extenders not met2004-05-14
496Unable to combine special equipment2004-05-14
497Authorization error2004-09-28
498Seat map not available for requested carrier2004-09-28
499Flight number and origin/destination cities do not match2004-09-28
500Cabin type is not valid for the flight requested2004-09-28
501Invalid date for flight requested2004-09-28
502Advance notice requirements not met2004-09-28
503Invalid form of deposit2005-02-14
504Extra bed or crib not available2005-02-14
505Invalid bed type2005-02-14
506Credit card not accepted at property2005-02-14
507Room type on request2005-02-14
508Invalid/missing reservation booking designator2005-03-24
509Invalid/missing board point2005-03-24
510Invalid/missing off point2005-03-24
511Invalid zone2005-03-24
512Advance seat selection not available for this flight2005-03-24
513Advance seat selection not available, airport check-in is active2005-03-24
514Advance seat request on code share carrier flight restricted2005-03-24
515Advance seat selection temporarily not available, application suspended2005-03-24
516Advance seat selection not available for this class/compartment/zone2005-03-24
517Advance seat selection not available, flight does not operate2005-03-24
518Need prior availability request2005-03-24
519Generic seating only2005-03-24
520Booking not changed - data received differs from stored data2005-03-24
521Seats are in different zones2005-03-24
522Unable to divide booking2005-03-24
523Surname too long2005-03-24
524Given name/title too long2005-03-24
525Name given in SSR is too long2005-03-24
526Seat already assigned2005-03-24
527Invalid number of inventory adjustments2005-03-24
528Invalid segment data in itinerary2005-03-24
529Invalid action on name change2005-03-24
530Format of content of required information with this SSR service code is invalid2005-03-24
531Flight does not operate on date requested2005-03-24
532Not available due to traffic restrictions2005-03-24
533Unable - connection market unavailable2005-03-24
534Not suitable for cargo aircraft2005-03-24
535Account does not allow redemption2005-03-24
536Invalid promotion code2005-04-05
537Promotion code not available for vehicle/date2005-04-05
538Promotion code not available this city/location2005-04-05
539Advance booking not met for promotion code2005-04-05
540Promotion code has min/max day requirements2005-04-05
541Promotion code is not available for one way2005-04-05
542Promotion code requires specific corporate discount number2005-04-05
543Promotion code expired for specified date2005-04-05
544Promotion code in blackout for city/date2005-04-05
545Booster seat not available this city/location2005-04-05
546Child infant seat not available this city/location2005-04-05
547Booster seat not available for this date/time2005-04-05
548Child infant seat not available for this date/time2005-04-05
549Booster seat not available for one way2005-04-05
550Child infant seat not available for one way2005-04-05
551Booster seat is not available on this car type2005-04-05
552Child infant seat is not available on this car type2005-04-05
553Booster seat on request only2005-04-05
554Child infant seat on request only2005-04-05
555Advance booking for booster seat not met2005-04-05
556Advance booking for child infant seat not met2005-04-05
557Valid coupon must be presented at counter2005-09-06
558Accounts are settled in a currency different from the quoted rate currency2006-05-30
559Booking period restriction applies2006-10-02
560Stay not compliant with availability restrictions2006-10-02
561Loyalty program not found2007-02-12
562Rate restricted2007-02-12
563Closed to departure2007-02-12
564Force sell restricted2007-02-12
565Amount override restricted2007-02-12
566Cancellation polices override restricted2007-02-12
567Modification penalties apply2007-02-12
568Cancellation penalties apply2007-02-12
569Group booking required2007-02-12
570Cannot cancel - arrival too close - call property2007-02-12
571Travel agency name required2007-02-12
572Company name required2007-02-12
573Calendar availability is not supported by this external partner2007-02-12
574Availability with pricing information is not supported by this external partner2007-02-12
575Closed restriction2007-02-12
576Rental city missing2007-09-17
577Vehicle type missing2007-09-17
578Pickup date missing2007-09-17
579Return date missing2007-09-17
580Pickup not allowed this city/location2007-09-17
581Cash payment not allowed this date/time2007-09-17
582Rates not guaranteed beyond 30 days2007-09-17
583Frequent traveler excessive field length2007-09-17
584Invalid tour-convention number2007-09-17
585Res's with delivery/collection only modifiable by the booking location2007-09-17
586Verify drop off location2007-09-17
587Flight required for frequent renter service2007-09-17
588Name change not allowed customer number present2007-09-17
589Special equipment not offered on this car type2007-09-17
590Special equipment not offered this city/location2007-09-17
591Advance booking for special equipment not met2007-09-17
592Requested rate does not qualify2007-09-17
593Corp discount number required this rate code2007-09-17
594Residency restrictions not met2007-09-17
595Customer not entitled to this rate plan2007-09-17
596Flight info required for this rate code2007-09-17
597Special equipment not available for one way2007-09-17
598Rate code selected applies to one way only2007-09-17
599Rate code selected exceeds maximum days2007-09-17
600Rate code selected must return downtown2007-09-17
601Rate code selected must return to an airport2007-09-17
602Rate code selected must return to a hotel2007-09-17
603Rate code selected must return to same location2007-09-17
604Rate code selected not available for one way2007-09-17
605Rate code selected must return within same state2007-09-17
606Rate code selected cannot be used with promotion code2007-09-17
607Corp discount agreement requires contract rate when available2007-09-17
608Tour requested requires specific rate code2007-09-17
609Location requires specific corp discount2007-09-17
610Invalid number of coupons specified2007-09-17
611Promotion does not have optimal benefit2007-09-17
612Rate code requires specific form of payment2007-09-17
613Special equipment on request only2007-09-17
614Invalid tour date or tour number2007-09-17
615Unable to confirm tour2007-09-17
616Tour booking does not qualify2007-09-17
617Corp discount requires IATA number2007-09-17
618Fax requires valid country code2007-09-17
619Fax number required2007-09-17
620Must include billing number2007-09-17
621Tour rate not available2007-09-17
622Frequent guest number required for corp discount number2007-09-17
623Invalid frequent guest number2007-09-17
624Customer member number required for frequent traveler2007-09-17
625Frequent traveler invalid for booking source2007-09-17
626Frequent traveler not available with corp discount number2007-09-17
627Frequent guest number not available with frequent traveler number2007-09-17
628Rate code requires specific frequent traveler or frequent guest number2007-09-17
629Special equipment not available for this cartype for this date/time2007-09-17
630Unable to authorize-please enter alternate credit card2007-09-17
631Company name code invalid or missing2007-09-17
632Prepaid modify or cancel not allowed-call reservations2007-09-17
633We are unable to process your request-please remove the slash2007-09-17
634Call reservations for rate details2007-09-17
635Data not found2007-09-17
636Out of hours returns on request only2007-09-17
637Please contact the location for multi-month reservations2007-09-17
638Location not valid for tour-contact reservations2007-09-17
639Request not sent to rate engine2007-09-17
640No rate plan qualifies for this one-way rental2007-09-17
641One-way rental on request only2007-09-17
642Frequent traveler required this corp discount number2007-09-17
643Frequent traveler invalid for this rental2007-09-17
644Frequent traveler incomplete or invalid2007-09-17
645Form of payment not valid for this rate2007-09-17
646Debit cards not accepted at this location2007-09-17
647Customer member number required for this credit card2007-09-17
648Invalid customer member number for this credit card2007-09-17
649Delivery & collection lead time not met-please call reservations2007-09-17
650Contact phone number required for delivery and or collection2007-09-17
651Home delivery and collection not available to this address2007-09-17
652Call reservations for delivery and collection on this corp discount number2007-09-17
653Form of payment required for delivery or collection res2007-09-17
654Unable to modify due to previous changes made by phone2007-09-17
655Rate requested requires a specific IATA number2007-09-17
656Address not found for delivery or collection call reservations2007-09-17
657Incomplete address for delivery or collection2007-09-17
658Country required for delivery or collection2007-09-17
659Must perform new rate request or sell another vehicle2007-09-17
660Car not available with this corporate discount number2007-09-17
661Date outside of convention dates2007-09-17
662Convention not valid for intl locations2007-09-17
663E-voucher not available for this destination2007-09-17
664Pickup location seasonal closed2007-09-17
665Pickup location permanently closed2007-09-17
666Pickup location holiday closed2007-09-17
667Pickup location temporarily closed2007-09-17
668Return location permanently closed2007-09-17
669Return location holiday closed2007-09-17
670Return location temporarily closed2007-09-17
671Return location seasonal closed2007-09-17
672Award certificate number required-call reservations2007-09-17
673Loc is restricted to gold cust only2007-09-17
674State or province required for delivery & collection in the US, AU or CA2007-09-17
675Must include corp discount number for delivery and or collection2007-09-17
676Customer member number required for delivery and or collection2007-09-17
677Tour requires corp discount number2007-09-17
678Advance booking for pickup service not met2007-09-17
679Booking outside location hours-must include guarantee2007-09-17
680Invalid rental loc for this delivery and collection request2007-09-17
681Invalid iso country code for delivery or collection2007-09-17
682Post code data required for home delivery or collection2007-09-17
683Iso country not allowed for delivery or collection on this corp discount number2007-09-17
684Voucher number required for payment type on this rental2007-09-17
685This location does not accept debit cards-enter alternate card2007-09-17
686Vehicle not available on tour2007-09-17
687Debit card not accepted for this rental-enter alternate card2007-09-17
688Vehicle requires frequent renter number2007-09-17
689Email address required for confo2007-09-17
690Card entered is not accepted-enter alternate card2007-09-17
691Promotion code requires frequent renter number2007-09-17
692Frequent renter number not enrolled in awards program2007-09-17
693Maximum days exceeded for prepaid rate2007-09-17
694Frequent renter number cannot be used with this promotional code2007-09-17
695Rental requirements not met for this promotion code2007-09-17
696Unable to process this request-please call reservations2007-09-17
697Navigational system not allowed on after hour returns2007-09-17
698Must provide phone number at which customer can be reached at time of delivery2007-09-17
699Must provide phone number at which customer can be reached at time of collection2007-09-17
700Navigational system not allowed on delivery or collection2007-09-17
701Snow tires not available this city/location2007-09-17
702Snow tires not available this date/time2007-09-17
703Snow tires not available for one way2007-09-17
704Snow tires on request only2007-09-17
705Snow tires not available on this cartype2007-09-17
706Advance notice not met for snow tires2007-09-17
707Wheelchair accessible bus not available this city/location2007-09-17
708Debit cards cannot be used to rent this vehicle2007-09-17
709No matching car types available2007-09-17
710Not enough points for promotion code-call reservations2007-09-17
711No prepaid rate available-must change request or cancel2007-09-17
712Cannot change method of payment-must change request or cancel2007-09-17
713Currency of payment cannot be changed-must cancel or change2007-09-17
714Third request to change cannot be processed2007-09-17
715Change request cannot be actioned-must cancel and make new res2007-09-17
716Car not in channel processing2007-09-17
717Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available this city/location2007-09-17
718Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available this date/time2007-09-17
719Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available for one way2007-09-17
720Portable dvd/cd/picture player request only2007-09-17
721Portable dvd/cd/picture player not available on this cartype2007-09-17
722Advance notice not met for portable dvd/cd/picture player2007-09-17
723No response from vendor2008-03-17
724Vendor response error2008-03-17
725No rules information for booking code/date requested2008-03-17
726Past hold time error2008-03-17
727Maximum of length of stay error2008-03-17
728Vehicle on request2008-11-21
729Customer is on do not rent list2009-02-17
730Invalid room type for requested hotel2009-03-19
731Room type discontinued at this hotel2009-03-19
732Invalid room type for rate requested2009-03-19
734Invalid corporate number for guarantee2009-03-19
735Cancel hotel segments just booked, end and rebook2009-03-19
736Address required for guarantee2009-03-19
737System restricted2009-03-19
738Form of deposit required for guarantee2009-03-19
739Deposit not accepted within 72 hours2009-03-19
740Guarantee required after 6pm arrival2009-03-19
741Hotel requires guarantee2009-03-19
742Corporate ID required2009-03-19
743Invalid message length2009-03-19
744Invalid field length2009-03-19
745Invalid field ID2009-03-19
746Name or frequent guest number required2009-03-19
747Invalid frequent guest number - numeric only2009-03-19
748Invalid corporate ID2009-03-19
749Invalid address format2009-03-19
750Invalid supplemental information2009-03-19
751Adult rollaway number exceeds limit2009-03-19
752Child rollaway number exceeds limit2009-03-19
753Crib number exceeds limit2009-03-19
754Extra adult number exceeds limit2009-03-19
755Extra child number exceeds limit2009-03-19
756IT number invalid2009-03-19
757Unable to retrieve guest name record2009-03-19
758Link process shut off2009-03-19
759Confo nbr not received on modify, cancel or ignore2009-03-19
760Must cancel/rebook property change2009-03-19
761Frequent guest number cannot be changed2009-03-19
762Corporate ID cannot be changed2009-03-19
763Cannot modify name when frequent guest number present2009-03-19
764Guest name may not be deleted2009-03-19
765Phone may not be deleted2009-03-19
766Advance deposit required for this hotel2009-03-19
767Invalid room stay index2009-10-01
768Inconsistent status2009-10-01
769Only first reservation processed2009-10-01
770Required data missing: reservation holder2009-10-01
771Additional penalties are not included in the total2009-10-26
772Hotel geo-coding not yet available for country requested2009-10-28
773Invalid length of parameter for search by address2010-01-19
774Invalid format for search by address2010-01-19
775Nothing found for requested criteria2010-01-19
776Invalid length of parameter for search by availability status2010-01-19
777Invalid format for search on availability status2010-01-19
778No available or on request rooms found use search on all availability status2010-01-19
779No available rooms found use search on all availability status2010-01-19
780Invalid length of parameter for search by rate range2010-01-19
781Invalid format for search by rate range2010-01-19
782Rate exceeds maximum allowed for search by rate range2010-01-19
783Room or rate not found2010-01-19
784Time out - Please modify your request2010-01-19
785Invalid length of parameter for search by distance2010-01-19
786Invalid distance, maximum is 3002010-01-19
787Search by distance does not contain a distance measure2010-01-19
788Invalid format for search by distance2010-01-19
789Hotel geo-coding not yet available for area requested2010-01-19
790No properties found for reference point / distance requested2010-01-19
791Search by distance and search by area code are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
792Automatic search by distance ignored2010-01-19
793Invalid - Use city code or search by reference point option2010-01-19
794More hotels possible without automatic search by distance2010-01-19
795No similar name found, see associated cities. More hotels possible without automatic search by distance option.2010-01-19
796No match for reference point name option. Automatic search by distance ignored.2010-01-19
797Geo-Coding not available for country requested - automatic search by distance ignored2010-01-19
798Geo-Coding not available for area requested - automatic search by distance ignored2010-01-19
799Invalid length of parameter for search by facilities2010-01-19
800Invalid format for search by facilities2010-01-19
801Invalid facility code requested2010-01-19
802Invalid length of parameter for search by fire safety facilities2010-01-19
803Invalid format for search by fire safety facilities2010-01-19
804Invalid fire safety facility code requested2010-01-19
805Invalid length of parameter for search by hotel category2010-01-19
806Invalid format for search by hotel category2010-01-19
807Invalid hotel category requested2010-01-19
808Invalid length of parameter for search by hotel name2010-01-19
809No similar name found see also associated cities2010-01-19
810Invalid length of parameter for search by location2010-01-19
811Nothing found for requested city2010-01-19
812Location requested not in the system2010-01-19
813Invalid length of parameter for search by phone number2010-01-19
814Invalid format for search by phone number2010-01-19
815Invalid length of parameter for search by reference point2010-01-19
816Invalid format for search by reference point2010-01-19
817Search by reference point and search by area are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
818Automatic search by area ignored2010-01-19
819Specify category in search by reference point or make a search for all reference point categories.2010-01-19
820Invalid length of parameter for search by third party rating2010-01-19
821Invalid format for search by third party rating2010-01-19
822Invalid third party rating requested2010-01-19
823Invalid length of parameter for search by transportation2010-01-19
824Invalid format for search by transportation2010-01-19
825Invalid transportation requested2010-01-19
826Maximum number of transportation types is 32010-01-19
827Invalid length of parameter for search by zip code2010-01-19
828Invalid area requested2010-01-19
829Area identified can not be used twice2010-01-19
830Invalid length of parameter for search by city2010-01-19
831Invalid format for search by foreign currency2010-01-19
832Invalid length of parameter for search by foreign currency2010-01-19
833Invalid format for search by foreign currency2010-01-19
834Search by lowest rate and search by biased display are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
835Search by lowest rate and search by travel choice are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
836Search by lowest rate and search by hotel name with ordering are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
837Search by lowest rate and search by availability status are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
838Invalid number of rooms in search by multiple identical room criteria2010-01-19
839Invalid length of parameter for search by special rate2010-01-19
840Duplicated rate codes2010-01-19
841No available or on request rooms found, please use search on all availability status2010-01-19
842Rate not loaded2010-01-19
843Other rates available2010-01-19
844Invalid length of parameter for search by hotel chain2010-01-19
845Invalid number of hotel chain requested2010-01-19
846Invalid format for search by hotel chain2010-01-19
847Search by hotel chain and access qualifiers are mutually exclusive2010-01-19
848Invalid type of access requested2010-01-19
849Invalid number of access type requested2010-01-19
850Non-existent service type2010-04-02
851Non-existent service id2010-04-02
852Invalid children ages2010-04-02
853The feature penalty generation failed2010-04-02
854Booking allotment blocking failed2010-04-02
855Customer creation not authorized2010-04-02
856Extra meal price information changed2010-04-02
857Invalid extra meal2010-04-02
858Change of commission not authorized2010-04-02
859Invalid commission value2010-04-02
860Passenger details error2010-04-02
861No exact match for reference point name - use reference point list message2010-06-01
862Nothing found for requested criteria. Alternate results returned.2011-04-04
863Partial results found for requested criteria. Alternate results may also be returned.2011-04-04
864Special rate is required/missing2011-10-05
865Search by third party rating and search by segment category are mutually exclusive2012-05-23
866Not a safety compliant property2012-07-16
867Multiple non identical room not supported2013-08-14
868Single-use card not supported2013-08-23
869Direct bill not supported2013-08-23
870Mark-up engine not available - please retry or apply manual mark-up2013-09-27
871Supplelmentary information has been ignored2013-12-18
872Mark-up engine not available - mark-up not applied to rate2013-12-18
873Manual mark-up not allowed for this rate2013-12-18
874Manual mark-up not allowed2013-12-18
875Mark-up removed from reservation2013-12-18
876Unable to compute mark-up2013-12-18
877Insufficient available funds found in your credit line2014-06-25
878Missing/incorrect document type2015-03-29
879Missing/incorrect document number2015-03-29
880Invalid deferred payment information received2015-06-16
881Unknown deferred payment deadline time zone2015-06-16
882Deferred payment on rate not identified as prepaid2015-06-16
883Price change detected2015-11-10
884Currency change detected2015-11-10
885Inconsistency between total returned and estimated total2015-11-24
886Inconsistent settings for this client2016-11-30
887Rules with confirmation number not supported2017-07-20
888Degraded performance, system throttling2017-10-25
889Invalid - max number of hotels exceeded2018-08-28